Create Custom Drum Loops

For anyone interested in making music, there’s never been a better time to delve into technology. Music-creation software can be absurdly cheap, and will give you pretty much limitless scope in terms of instruments and atmosphere. One of our favorite apps is DM1, a drum machine that includes dozens of drum kits, from classic sounds through to extreme electronics. The app can be used as a sequencer, letting you put together entire rhythm tracks, but it’s better used as a tool for creating loops that can subsequently be used in apps like GarageBand and Logic.

In this walkthrough, we work with the OS X version of DM1 (Mac App Store, $4.99), but the app’s also available for iOS and is very similar. Export is the main thing that changes between platforms — on the Mac you save to Finder, but on iOS you must send files to Mail or a service such as Soundcloud or Dropbox.


In full-screen mode, DM1 displays all its tabs. It’s a great workspace on the kind of large display you have on an iMac.


Above the pattern editor are two buttons. The leftmost one (4/4 by default) permits you to adjust the time signature. The other one lets you double the number of notes in a loop.


The mixer’s dials let you adjust each instrument’s level, pitch, and length. There’s also a pan slider to control where each of the sounds appears in the stereo image.


This is the "Create a new kit" button. Click it and you can play and crop samples, or replace sounds with ones from your Mac or microphone input.

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Honeywell 50250-S – The best air purifier for dust

An air purifiers main job is to clean up the air of your home and supply better air with lesser pollutants. Now there are many other ways to minimize air pollution in your house, like you can request your guests and family members not to smoke indoor, vacuum clean every part of your house frequently, minimize the use of wood stove and fireplaces also using proper exhaust or chimney system in your kitchen, bath and laundry area. Not only this but also you have to make sure that your house isnt contaminated with poisonous radon gas, which can cause lung cancer or carbon-monoxide from partially burnt fuel which can literally kill you instantly. But for most cases and most houses, its the dust, pollens and mold spores that needs to be filtered from the air. Excessive dust and pollens in breathing air can cause asthma and allergic reaction.

honeywell air purifier

There are a plenty of air purifiers available in the market which can do the work just fine, but we have selected the best air purifier for dust amongst them in this review which has excelled our expectation by a large margin and has proven to be very efficient in its line of work. It was kind of hard to come to a conclusion whether to choose this or that since most of the top selling air purifiers in todays market are providing tough competition to each other. But we have come up with a winner, let me introduce to you the Honeywell 50250-S Pure HEPA Filter Air Purifier. Now you might be wondering what makes this air purifier better than all the other purifiers available, the answer awaits below. For convenience we have stripped down all the good things about the Honeywell 50250-S and provided them in an organized manner, highlighting what we think makes it the best air purifier for dust.

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Magsoft joins forces with Schneider Electric

Magsoft Corporation is proud to announce the development of their new partnership with Schneider Electric. Magsoft and Schneider Electric have worked closely together for over 15 years, but this announcement marks a transition into a more rigorous and closely coupled inter-relationship.

Magsoft’s flagship product is Flux. Flux is a general purpose Computer-Aided Engineering [CAE] simulation software, which readily allows one to virtually prototype electromagnetic or electro-mechanical devices. The extent of capabilities provides one with the ability to analyze either global device response or fine detail localized behavior. External circuit and rigid body coupling allow Flux to provide a full transient solution, and the ability to utilize combinations of mesh-types insures a solution with a minimum computation time. Existing parameter controls are revolutionary and allow one to readily create geometry relationships and expressions. Component libraries can be easily generated, and with the modification of parameters entirely new structures can be evaluated. Optimization, robust design and design-of-experiment studies are a quick extension to the use of Flux.

Flux will be the global standard for Schneider Electric’s electromagnetic analysis. Schneider Electric will have unlimited access to the Flux technology, and according to Claude Ricaud, Senior VP of Science and Technology “the modelling capabilities within Flux are tremendous, and we are extremely pleased to be able to leverage these technologies to design more rapidly even more robust products for our markets. Sharing R&D efforts seamlessly between our centers all over the world will increase our R&D efficiency and responsiveness. This co-design capability will also give us stronger innovation potential.” Continue Reading